Syria's forgotten textiles


    Winner of a competition for an exhibtion stand for 'Arkitekter uden Grænser'

     ‘Syria’s textiles, richly textured in blues and yellows, reds and creams, have long been the country’s pride. They have been treasured by travellers as far back as the Silk Road era, when cities such as Palmyra and Aleppo were critical stopping points on the route between China, India and the Mediterranean ports to imperial Rome. Textiles from Syria have covered everyone from mummies in ancient tombs to Pope Benedict in the Vatican. But five years into the war, it is estimated that 70% of the textile factories have been destroyed, essential travel routes transporting threads and other materials to weavers have been cut off, and workers have been displaced.’

            Stephanie Saldaña, 01.02.2016

     It is important that we keep talking about Syria. This project finds inspiration in Syria’s beauty and in its sorrow. The unravelling of textile as a craft is symbolised by splitting the pattern and the fabric of a typical Syrian textile in two elements: an elegantly draped, blank, cotton fabric and a colourful, hand painted exhibition table. The semi-transparent textile lends the pavilion a mysterious side, draws in the by passer, and creates a welcoming, atmospheric setting where one can escape from the hustle and bustle of the fair. The central table catches the eye, offers ample exhibition and storage space, creates a spot for refreshments and invites for discussion to happen.