Piarco Plein


     Lieve Smout, Boano Prišmontas & Valentine Gruwez

Shortlisted for Europan 14, Amallective, Beta, Divisare

     Amsterdam has lost its self-sustaining capacity. The average evening meal has travelled 30,000 kilometres. How do we turn this around? By exploiting the incredible potential of the city’s rail- and road infrastructure through a network of productive villages. The poly-centric productive city is born again.

     Hybrid typologies – a symbiosis of the civic and the productive world as we know it – exploit the sparse amount of buildable space between existing and future bridges, catching the eye of numerous bypassers. 

     At ground level, Piarco’s productive village weaves around its beautiful columns, breaking up the site’s endlessness and replacing it with a sequence of human scale landscapes.